Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gibbes Society 1858 Annual Winter Party Fashion Roundup-Magical Mystery Tour!

The Gibbes Museum Society 1858 threw one heck of a winter party this year!  Not only was everyone on board for a ride on the Magical Mystery Tour and dressed as such but there was an art action too.

Sally K. Halsey of Carriage Properties was the proud winner of this watercolor and pen & ink piece titled, 'Chaos on a Cow' by local Charleston, SC artist Richard Hagerty.  At this event various works by up and coming local artists were auctioned off. We thought this one was most well suited for the Magical Mystery Tour theme and immediately caught our eye (well, the strawberry tree did). Hagerty's work will be on display at the Waterfront City Gallery this coming Fall.

We love these two ladies; Elizabeth Gumb and Kristin Romness Co-Chairs of the Gibbes Society 1858 in their psychedelic print shift dresses. Check out Elizabeth's yellow patent leather box purse (Library Vintage), scarab ring (Candyshop Vintage), platform wedge shoes (Prada), and dress by Thread Social.

Kathleen Hodgson of Charleston, SC is wearing an authentic woven wool blend suit from 1972 that her mom wore as her adieu ensemble following her wedding reception paired with tall vintage brown leather boots. The fit, the cut, the fabric; everything is still stylish today.  Now that's taste that stands the test of time! One of our favorite looks of the evening.

Larry James, Distribution Coordinator at Charleston Magazine is dapper in a vintage plaid tumeric colored sharkskin blazer and skinny tie with green glass metal frames.  He completes the look with modern loafers and corduroy trousers.

Rob Bouton, actor and owner of Queen Street Grocery and Lasley Steever, Director of Public Programs & Special Events at the Gibbes Museum respectively sport a vintage two tone tux and poppy printed tent dress that was her grandmother's.  Doesn't get much better than this!

Andrew Steever, owner of Squarepoint Design wearing brown; including a velvet blazer, ascot, trousers, Rives' grandfather's shoes.  What we love most is the white belt, which is a classic piece of style from this era but actually Andrew made the belt himself when he was a teaching assistant at FIT.  He's our male fashion hero of the evening!  Rives Poe, instructor at Ashley Hall, is wearing a silk caftan that was her grandmothers as well as a vintage sterling silver chain paired with Maryjanes.

 Joy Sims (L) and Katherine Doe (R) sport late 1960s-early 1970s looks in Jessica Howard (a modern label offering a revival style) and a handmade embossed faille floral frock that she found on etsy. We love how she paired the purple stockings with the wine colored Maryjane wedges for a great look that would make all of the Brady girls jealous. Katherine is sporting the best of Cindy, Marsha, and Jan for sure!.

Check out this fantastic example of a men's button up caftan from the 1960s worn by Anthony DelPorto.  We believe that it is a silk blend velvet and both machine and hand embroidered. It was gifted to his father-in-law by a patient who is from Iran. Who doesn't love a man in a caftan? Perfect for the party!

Katie Shayda, owner of KS Luxe Artistry is wearing a vinatge Yves St. Laurent silk scarf and Louis Vuitton bag, new bangles and House of Harlow necklace as well as a dress by Matilda Jane.

We love these two couples who are equipped with all things 1960's-1970's including tie with cardigan, knee high socks, patterned tights, vest with wide colored shirt, AND their shoe game is on point! (No pun indtended, but check out those multicolored suede flats!)

L-R:  Dave Boring, Jena Clem (Gibbes Events & Rental Coordinator), Rebecca Sailor (Gibbes Curator of Education), Dave Sailor. 

Brown leisure suit with white leather loafers, electric tomato red shift dress with covered button wrist closure, double breasted jacket with turtle neck, gold coin necklace, and those belts?! This group has surely got it together!
L-R:  Magga and George Bullwinkel and friend.

We love the flight crew and random 'passenger'! Unfortunately, they were so busy on the dance floor we did not get the opportunity to get first name basis with them. Besides, how fun is the mile high club if you know someone's name? Groovy, Baby!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Get Your Late 1960s-Early 1970s Freak On at the Gibbes Museum Winter Party?

It is tough to define what was going on in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  However, many could agree that it was a wildly expansive time. What would happen on any given day was anyone’s guess.  It was prime time for the Civil Rights Movement, experimentation with psychedelic drugs, as well as the physical and mental expansion of the boundaries of Fine Art and Fashion.  The group 5th Dimension forewarned everyone in their infamous song released in 1969, ‘…This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.’  People already knew and felt that something was going on and it was a time for change.  In 1967 the Beatles had beat them to the punch with already having everyone seated and prepared for this wild ride with the release of Magical Mystery Tour!  

This Friday, February 20, the Gibbes Museum's Society 1858 (click link for tickets and details!) is similarly celebrating the changes, expansion and renovation of the Gibbes  Museum in the form of their Annual Winter Party that will be held at the Wolfe Street Playhouse. What is the theme this year? You guessed it; Magical Mystery Tour!  Here are some guidelines on what to wear for the style trip starting in 1967 that carried us in to the early 1970s.
There were two main styles coming out of this transitional era:  Preppy and hippie.  Style is more than just clothes.  Below both are addressed.

Clothing for Women
Bold prints, flower power, caftans, jumpsuits, mini skirts, shift dresses, both hippie and mod squad styles:

Clothing for Men
Skinny suit, skinny tie, skinny collar and/or cardigans for the more conservative gentlemen.  For the more wild hippie types anything goes but the bell bottoms must be tight and preferably velvet! 

Crazy sunglasses, matching tie tack and cufflinks, skinny ties that eventually expanded in  the late 1970s with the shape of the suit, go-go boots, platforms, Mary Janes, and big belts.


Women’s Hairstyles
A head scarf (see Jackie-O).  Roller set and teased hair (to include beehive-See Bridget Bardot). Or if you are going for that au natural hippie style; part it down the middle with no conditioner and add flowers, feathers, braids, and/or a floppy hat.

Mens Hairstyles
Late 1960s hair took a turn for the messier and men started to experiment with facial hair OR they just went all out (see Frank Zappa)! 

Big lashes, big eyeshadow, big eyeliner (to include the cat eye), muted lip. Some 'hippie chicks' wore facepaint.